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Our workshops

To improve your    technique

The one-off workshops complement the weekly courses,

We work intensively (from 1h30 to 3h) around a theme such as, for example, displacements, staves, Forró cassino, Forró styles….


The workshops are aimed at both students who want to work, or review specific aspects, as well as all those who can not attend regular courses.

With recognized artists and instructors

The various instructors we invite are recognized in their domain and generally officiate in the most renowned festivals in Europe or Brazil.

Everyone has their own style and will share it with you through their pedagogy.

Are Forró workshops suitable for all levels?

We make sure that the course is divided into several parts and can therefore be addressed to both beginner dancers and more experienced participants .


The program is not necessarily scalable, but can take several forms depending on the participants and the teacher's feelings. It may be that the levels are clearly cut for example.


You will find more information on the content via the Facebook event by clicking on the photo of the course concerned.

Upcoming courses:

March 22, 2020 - Forró workshop with Sergio Viana


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Previous sessions:

We also take advantage of these workshops    to bring other teachers, it was the case with Dhiego Luiz, Marcinho Bezerra, Miguel Gomes Bezerra, Rudolfo Batista, Marquinhos Do Forro, Axel De Barros, Renato Gestor, Vinicius Kozan, Milena Monteiro, Rafael Paixao and Sergio Viana etc ...

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