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Des souvenirs inestimables...

Festival 2018

A dream that  

you dream alone

is only a dream....

But a dream that 

you dream together

is reality

J. Lennon

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From Dublin Ireland with love.
It was my first time visiting Nice
really enjoyed, nice memories
thanks Cindy Nina Lisa and team
see you next time in Dublin!

Miren Samper, Oct 29, 2018

Vous êtes les meilleures 😍❤😍
Merci pour ce super festival, merci pour votre belle énergie, merci pour vos magnifiques sourirs, merci pour la super orga, merci pour l'ambiance tellement agréable, pour la musique, pour la délicieuse nourriture... bref merci pour tout!! 💜

Chloé Epinat, Oct 30, 2018

Merci pour ce superbe festival convivial, dynamique et de qualité. Un festival que je qualifierais "à taille humaine" qui permet de vrais rencontres, ceux que je préfère ! Alors ne changez rien (ou presque ;)) c'était génial ! 💃

Muriel Gautier, Oct 30, 2018

From yesterday until today it was / it feels like a marathon. After 6 hours of classes one after another #nonstop directly 6-7 hours of party + after party, then 3 hours of sleep + 4 hours flying and now finally in cologne I'm going to... Rest? NOPE! Directly more 5 hours of work in the gym! How do I do it? Easy answer, I'm doing what I love and I have the blessing to be surrounded by beautiful and amazing people that exchange this positive energy with me!

Yesterday at the after party it was at least "interesting" to say so hahaha... It was mix of "Tiago laying down at the sofa sleeping and then suddenly dancing, then sleeping then waking up with a beer in my mouth, then sleeping again, then waking up with @diegooliveiraforro ... Wait what?" 🤔😂😘 Hahahaha

sorry that I didn't dance much yesterday guys, I was really really tired! 
I just wanna thanks everyone for this great weekend! Everyone that did my classes and my privates, thank you so much for trusting on my work, I hope I helped you guys improve on your dancing! 
Thanks Nina & Cindy for all your engagement organizing this festival, we fell the love that you guys are putting on it! And it feels wonderful to be able to contribute to the realization of your dream! Keep doing this, Forró needs people like you!!! And there are few festivals that we have such a good energy between all artists, and this one was a great example of that! Great atmosphere between musicians & teachers, it felt like home, like family and I'm sure the participants could feel this too!
it was... TOOOOOOP! #top
valeu galera foi muito foda mesmo! 

Tiago Moares, Oct 29, 2018

Festival 2017

First, think.

Second,   dream.

Third, believe.

And finally,


W. Disney

Par ici pour plus de photos et videos   

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Merci à tous et à toutes, organisateurs-trices, festivaliers, profs, pour l'accueil chaleureux à "Viva esse forro" ! Une belle découverte ! Encore la tête pleine de musique, encore envie de danser dans mon salon ...

Jade Commessie, Oct 19, 2017

Merci mille fois à toutes et à tous pour ce beau festival, mes félicitationsaux organisatrices qui ont mené tout cela de main de maître, avec le sourire qui plus est ! Un grand bravo, c'était un boulot dingue !
Je signe pour l'année prochaine, sûr !

Marion Guillmt, Oct 18, 2017

🎶... Forró de Nice... Forró de Nice... Forró de Nice... 🎶

I was singing this song all the way home from Nice Festival. In between of waking up and falling asleep from being so tired I was remembering all the beautiful moments we spent in Nice this weekend. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FESTIVAL! And to think that it was their first edition?!!! WOW! Really organised, very well put together, communication on point and the most important thing... SO MUCH LOVE! So much love around everyone! So much care and friendship. The true forró vibe.

Thank you Nina & Cindy and helpers for all the effort put in this event. You made everything work so smoothly! Congratulations! Thank you for inviting me, I'll be forever grateful <3 You are truly special.

Thank you again to all participants for meeting us from week to week, with a small change of cities (that's a tiny detail, right? ahha), but with the same smile on your faces and with the same joy and willingness to learn. You inspire me everyday.

Thank you to all teachers, djs and musicians for sharing your ART. I always learn from you.

Last but DEFINITELY not least thank you Lisa Lb for just existing. You are a bright star among us <3 I'm so happy to be able to know you better :D Thank you for hosting us like no one else. Kiss your mom for me <3 And the cats too :)

Camila Alves, Oct 17, 2017

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