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Nos cours et événements

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Dancing lessons and brazilian parties

Nos cours

Our    Forró lessons:

It is said that the name "Forró " comes from the English "for all"!

And finally, whatever the origin of the name, one thing is indeed true in this dance,

is that it is open to everyone!

Forr ó is above all a moment of sharing, conviviality, simplicity.

So join us now!

Class times?

The Wednesdays evening

From 7:30 p.m. to  8:30 p.m. , 

intermediaries  2 and advanced courses  

From 8:30 p.m.  to 9:30 p.m.

Beginners and intermediate 1 courses 

Free dance from 9:30 p.m.  

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Private lessons

Possibility of private lessons on request via our contact form

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But with whom ?
Danser à 2 avec Cindy pour les cours de danse et soirées brésiliennes

Cindy begins to dance "modern'jazz" when she is only 5 years old and continues for another 15 years. Later in her youth, she will also try contemporary dance, hip-hop or even Afro. Everything will enhance his style and techniques. At 22, she participated in showbiz training and became a choreographer in the holiday resorts. His job is to create the evening show and entertain the audience. It is also the moment when she discovers Latin dances. She realizes that she likes "music of the sun" but still, something is missing ... This something, this magic, this connection, she will finally find in London a few years later with the forro. One evening, she entered a forro party by chance and it was love at first sight (or even "on the first lap"). This dance immediately becomes a passion and will turn his life upside down. She then dances for hours almost every night, and she develops her style mainly with Anax Caracol, her partner at the time. Convinced that we never stop learning, she continues, training regularly in Brazil or at festivals in Europe. Today, she gives weekly lessons in Nice (France) where she comes from and she works regularly with Anax Caracol and Vinicius Kozan, 2 big names on the Forro Europe scene. Having studied psychology and life coaching, Cindy finds a huge interest in "dance therapy". This is what it wants to offer, especially with its "connection classes". Because the forro, the dance, "it's more than technical passes, it's sharing". What she teaches is "the magic that operates between two people who trust each other and open themselves completely to each other and, in doing so, create a moment of grace together"

Pa de danse a 2 de Nina pour les cours de Forro et soirée brésilienne

Nina join the dance universe few years ago thanks to Cindy, who introduced her to Forro during a weekend in London.

Since that day which will remain engraved, she has not left the dance floors: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, some traditional folk dances; his universe is varied and his experience is built in the mixture of these influences for 6 years now.

She is an active participant of  the  European Forro festivals: Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, Aachen, Freiburg, Barcelona, Dublin, Bordeaux, Nantes .. where she attends lessons (to learn how to guide as well) and sometimes helps the teacher as partner during the course (Rafael Wilker, Ardysson, Miguel Bezerra…)

To continue to improve and really get to know the culture of Forro, she stayed in Brazil many times.

She participated several times in the famous Forro d'Itaunas festival, did internships and private lessons at the Pe Descalço de Belo Horizonte school or even Forro Roots lessons with Hugo Silva (BH).

Her style is more oriented towards the Forro Universitario but - as she defends it - what she loves above all is sharing a dance and she likes to adapt to her partner whatever her influence.

Born into a family of musicians, she learned to play the guitar, likes to try her hand at triangle and zabumba but what she prefers above all is singing, she occasionally offers us some covers of Forro songs with the musicians who pass in Nice and sometimes form the duet with Alexandra Gebardht author, composer and interpreter of our two Forro songs  "made in Forro de  Nice".

© Samuel Lagneau | Marshmallow Photo - inst: @marshmallow_photo_sla

What do the different levels correspond to?



This level is dedicated to people who have never practiced Forró or dance in general.


Even if we have to do a couple dance, here no need to come accompanied. The dancers change regularly during the session so no worries, it is therefore not compulsory to requisition friends :).


So don't hesitate to come learning, get started !


During these first movements, we will discover the different rhythms and

styles of Forró.

It is a question of creating solid bases by working especially the steps and the basic figures.

We will insist on postures, guidance and musicality.



This course is for those who have already taken the beginner courses and have acquired a solid knowledge of steps, basic figures and rithm.


It is about discovering new routines, styles and forms of Forró .
We will also work on displacements, fluidity

and connection with the partner.

We will also see how to play on the highlights and the different accents of the music which can suggest moments of improvisation .


The idea here is not to learn to dance properly, but more to start looking for the little extra that makes it clear that there is no need to make exceptional movement to share with someone.


Our parties:

In addition to our weekly parties, we regularly organize Brazilian parties in different places on the French Riviera.

We then welcome groups of musicians from the region but not only, we also take advantage of European tours of Brazilian groups.

Parties with the sound of live music has unparalleled generosity.


You will find all the information of these events on our Facebook page:


Forró de Nice

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Scéne brésilienne locale

Local Brazilian scene

Bal du Forrobodó, organized  by   Léo Corrêa Forró de Rabeca  and   La Zonmé

Lien vers bal Forrobodo pour de la musique live

La Soirée Brésilienne, organized  by   Italo Silva

Danser à deux lors la soiree brésilienne avec Italo

Live music brésilienne avec Forro Garrig, organized  by   Forro de Nice   et   Latino Son

Lien vers les soirees musique live avec forro Garrig

Brazilian   food   with    chef  Jefte Alves Do Couto

Lien vers les préparations culinaire de Jefte et sa Feijoada brésilienne

FAQ: General questions about the forró practice

Is it possible to integrate the Forró courses   in the middle of the season?

Yes it is possible, come joining the beginner course to start. If you have never dance before we will take you aside so as not to disturb the dancers who come regularly. We have organized the course schedules starting with the advanced levels and then we finish with the beginners, by doing that,    people from previous courses that are more experienced can help the most beginners.

The Forró is a couple dance, but do you have to come with a partner ?

You can come alone or with as many people as you want. Dance has a social character, in order to progress and be comfortable during the parties, it is better to change partners so as not to get used to a particular style or the characteristics of a single person. As we apply this principle, you won't be alone.

Is Forró a complex dance ?

The Forró is a couple dance and a music with popular origins, it is essentially aimed at all audiences and imagination and improvisation are appreciated. The rhythm of the music is structured in an easily recognizable way after a few initiations, which allows you to be on the tempo fairly quickly.

What shoes are best suited for dancing the Forró ?

Preferably flat ballerina style shoes for ladies. For men, sneakers or other comfortable shoes that allow movement, knowing that for both it is also possible to be barefoot depending on the floor. The turns that are performed by the partners are walked and not slided.

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