Come and discover the simplicity of a Brazilian couple dance

The wind carries accordion tunes in its wake ...
Close your eyes and be ready to let yourself be carried away by the magic of the forró ...

Lancement Festival de danse brésilienne

Learn and evolve in couple dancing, enjoy live Forró   music

We offer several formulas for discovering, listening and learning  
on the rhythms of this music and this popular dance from Brazil.
  The objective is that everyone can quickly enjoy the parties.

Also discover our forró balls to dance on live music with musicians from the local scene and from all over the world .

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Discover the differents forró styles and enrich your dance

We organize regularly some   workshops in order to discover other ways for doing things, improving your skills or simply trying out couple dancing with teachers with recognized teaching.

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Festival   Forró   de Nice

We also organize during October the festival


" Viva Esse Forró "


It includes   workshops and live concerts   provided by international artists throughout the festival period.


Listening    forró under the sun at the water's edge to the sound of the accordion, the triangle and percussions, demonstrations…


In short term,

join us !!!

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FAQ: General questions about the forró practice

The Forró is a couple dance, but do you have to come with a partner ?

You can come alone or with as many people as you want. Dance has a social character, in order to progress and be comfortable during the parties, it is better to change partners so as not to get used to a particular style or the characteristics of a single person. As we apply this principle, you won't be alone.

Is Forró a complex dance ?

The Forró is a couple dance and a music with popular origins, it is essentially aimed at all audiences and imagination and improvisation are appreciated. The rhythm of the music is structured in an easily recognizable way after a few initiations, which allows you to be on the tempo fairly quickly.

What shoes are best suited for dancing the Forró ?

Preferably flat ballerina style shoes for ladies. For men, sneakers or other comfortable shoes that allow movement, knowing that for both it is also possible to be barefoot depending on the floor. The turns that are performed by the partners are walked and not slided.

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